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LifeCycle Fin. Planning

Every individual has financial goals/dreams and objectives e.g. owning a house, giving best education to his children, a trip overseas or with in the country, children marriage etc. and most important is one’s retirement planning to maintain the standard of living post retirement. All this is possible, however, one has to have a proper investment strategy. Investment has to be a habit and not choice if one has to achieve his goals/dreams WITHOUT STRESS. We provide advise subject to meeting our terms and conditions for Long Term as well as Short Term goals , depending on the age, income, risk taking abilities of the client etc.

Fixed Income Investments

An investment which will give you an assured return at the same time ensuring your principle is safe. With over a period of time the Bank FD interests are falling and for those who are bank FD savey, the returns from same even may not cover YEAR IN INFLATION...there by reducing the value of your money. Fixed Deposits with Corporates with good CRICLE rating...with monthly, quarterly, half yearly or cumulative payment options. If you are a moderate risk taker, we have a profit sharing product with monthly pay out and the rate of fixed return also goes up with longer tenure option. Contact Now all this is available on mobile app . Do contact us for more details.

Business Consultancy

Does not matter how small your nature of business is? be it a small or medium-sized enterprise. In today's business competition one has to always remain ahead for survival. We at Moneykonnect provide value-added services that will help you to grow your business with profits. Some of our services offered are highlighted below : 1 Cost Improvements i.e material, labour, process optimization. 2 Make or buy decision ..be focused on your core competence ..rest outsourced. 3.Strategic Planning 4.Budgeting and Control 5.Restructuring of Loans/ Arranging business loans subject to t &c. 6.Overhead Cost Controls
How do we work

4 Steps To Make Successful Business


You need to get YOURSELF CONVINCED why it is a necessary ? Timely Start will accomplish the execution ON RIGHT TIME Today is the Right Time to Start, Tomorrow may Never Come?

Defining Goals

Pen down your Dreams / Goals however tall it may look like ? Fix a time horizon to reach Make your monthly income flow How much funds you have to keep aside Ensure you are covered for all probable Risks @ minimum cost


Let the Plan be worked out for you by the Expert Financial Adviser Have reviews with your Financial Adviser of the progress of investments Timely reallocation of investments for better results Get to know how much you need to step up investments. Trust your Financial Adviser and get clarified if any doubt on the spot


Strict Discipline not to use funds for any other cause, EXCEPT in crises With the increase in your income, give a share of it for additional investments Allow time for your investments to mature Do not expect results in a short time. For getting the desired results, how long you remain invested matters the MOST.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bang for the buck is what we ensure when we structure your investments. Here are some common queries related to investment.

A:short term investment is usually an investment of 5 years or shorter. The returns should easily convert to cash when the time is right. Examples of short term investments are high-yield savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts, treasury bills, and government bonds ,liquid funds.

A: Liquid funds/Ultra Short Term Debt Funds

  • These are secure funds as these generally are invested in a certificate of deposits (CD) and government securities. …
  • Short term funds: Short term funds primarily park money in securities and have a maturity period of 1 to 3 years. …
  • Arbitrage funds.

A :

  • Stage ONE: Early Working Years – Accumulation of Assets. …
  • Stage TWO: Later Working Years – Preparing for Retirement
  • Stage THREE: Planning for an Estate
  • Be Finally Smart Through Each Stage in the Cycle
  • Typical Life Cycle Pyramid …. Pyramid.com

A:   Everyone has dreams/goals to fulfil in life.  It can be a short term goal or a long term goal? e.g. Short Term(Period LESS than 5 Years) -school admission fees, Planning an overseas trip  , Long Term(Period MORE than 5 Years) – child higher education, overseas education, dream home, wedding expenses of a child , your own retirement income to sustain the  To fulfil one’s need for money and  to accumulate the same, a minimum time is needed and hence a need for a timely financial planning. Through the right type investment which will give more returns than the inflation and one can get it provided a systematic investment is done depending on the type of goal.

A :  The first step of the financial planning process is to understand and define your specific goals. The more specific the goals are the better it is. Sometimes, you may not have enough clarity about all the financial goals in your life. An expert financial planner can help you define the goals across your savings and investment lifecycle and determine the specific numbers you need to reach for each of the specific goals. You should remember that a financial plan is not working towards a singular goal, like retirement planning, Children’s education or marriage or buying a home, etc.

A  : A life cycle is a series of stages that people pass through on their life’s journey. At every stage in life, we have different wants and different needs. As young children, our wants and needs are supported and provided by our parents or guardians.


A:  Ideally, the moment you start your job or business income, it is the right time to start.

A:   Yes, Protecting against probable risks(Unforeseen events) is the foundation of sound financial planning.   E.g. Life(Sudden death/becoming partially disable) for which a Term Plan is ideal, for hospitalization, a Family Health Cover, for major critical illness e.g. heart, cancer, etc. nowadays insurance companies in India are also giving covers for such illness.

A  : The success of a Life Cycle Financial Planning, Foundation of Risk Coverage against all probable unforeseen events.  Unless you first cover the risk of life/health/critical illness, the pyramid of a Sound Financial Planning will collapse if you don’t?  Just like, the foundation of a building is important, the reason being, the building can stand strong only if the foundation is strong?

A: Stress has a way of affecting every part of your life. Take control of your finances from this point forward and work out problems as quickly as they arise. However, don’t become so obsessed with finances and money to the point where you can’t enjoy yourself. Make wise decisions about spending and saving.

A:  Well, the lot will depend on your experience, educational background.  Generally, it is recommended to get advice from a Financial Planner, who not only will guide you where to invest, how long to invest?  but will help you to take care of the first and basic foundation of sound financial planning i.e Risk Coverage, will reallocate/timely corrective actions of your investments for getting better returns.  In a busy working schedule, it is better to leave the job to expert financial advice.

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