Arbitrage Funds

Arbitrage refers to the opportunity of making risk free profits due to price mismatch between two different markets for the same product. A simple example of arbitrage opportunity is the price difference of the same security in two different stock exchanges e.g. NSE and BSE. The most popular arbitrage strategy is the price difference of.

GOLD Investment

One would have thought 5,000 or so years would be enough to decide an argument but it turns out that gold’s utility as an investment is still not a settled matter. There’s the traditional view of gold, that it’s simple and useful investment, a protection against bad times, and all households should invest in it..

What are liquid funds?

Liquid funds are debt mutual fund schemes which invest in Money Market instruments (including cash, reverse repo and debt instruments with maturity up to 91 days). These instruments include commercial papers, certificates of deposits, treasury bills etc. Since liquid funds invest in very short term securities, interest rate risk is very low and therefore, these.

Why Liquid Funds ?

Most households have idle money lying in their savings bank account. Depending on your income levels, the amount of balance in your savings bank accounts may vary, but money lying idle in savings bank is not productive because it earns very little income. Most banks pay 3.5 – 4% interest per annum on savings bank.