The crisis has brought in a renewed focus on our finances and a sense of urgency amongst all of us. It has also shown us a mirror of the uncertainty we face in our lives. Obviously, all would be a waste if we do not change how we think, approach and manage our finances henceforth..


In this article, we talk about how we can reset our financial plans and what changes we may need to bring to these plans. Changes Needed To Reset Financial Plans To say that the Covid-19 crisis has taken us by surprise would be an understatement. It has severely affected economies, industries, businesses and even our.

Six Common Misconceptions of Investors

The world of investing can be cold and hard. Especially when you start overestimating your abilities. Unfortunately, many also hold on some misconceptions and tend to act under their beliefs and perceived abilities. In this article, we explore some of these misconceptions and beliefs which are harmful to the interests of the investors. Misconception 1:.

Mutual funds are ideal solutions for liquidity in investing

When making investment decisions, most investors want to know how much returns they will get from their investments. While returns are obviously important, another important factor, liquidity, is not often given the importance it deserves. As a result some investors find themselves in frustrating and financially distressful situations with regards to their investments. Let us.

Market Volatility – How do you stand prepared ?

The stock market has surged in the last few days with the Nifty near its 52-week high. Nifty has gained nearly 6% in the last month but it has given negative returns over the last 6 months. The Nifty Midcap 100 Index has gained more than 8% in the last one month, but is down.

Arbitrage Funds

Arbitrage refers to the opportunity of making risk free profits due to price mismatch between two different markets for the same product. A simple example of arbitrage opportunity is the price difference of the same security in two different stock exchanges e.g. NSE and BSE. The most popular arbitrage strategy is the price difference of.

GOLD Investment

One would have thought 5,000 or so years would be enough to decide an argument but it turns out that gold’s utility as an investment is still not a settled matter. There’s the traditional view of gold, that it’s simple and useful investment, a protection against bad times, and all households should invest in it..